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Our Products

Fine Aggregates and Bulk Construction Supplies, Pebbles and Biomass

AGI manages the logistics every step of the way

USGA Graded Golf Sands

— AGI's USGA graded sand are found on some of the best-ranking golf courses around the world.  It's on most prestigious Golf Courses in Hawaii and across Vietnam

— AGI has been supplying USGA graded Golf Sand and other related products to the Hawaiian Golf Industry for over 25 years

AGI's White and Yellow Silica Golf Sands are graded to meet USGA Specifications​.  


AGI's White and Yellow Silica Sand applications

  • Golf Course Top Dressing

  • Golf Course Greens mix

  • Golf Course Bunkers

  • Sand Capping

  • Field Restoration

Additional Applications

  • Sports Fields (natural and artificial)

  • Volleyball Courts

  • Riding Stables and Arenas

  • Playgrounds

  • Water Filtration

  • Asphalt Emulsion Sealers​

The Bluffs Ho Tram Strip, Vung Tau — Vietnam.jpeg
white Golf Ball on the white sand Near green grass background,Golf sport is Balance of Yin
White and Yellow Silica Golf Sands:
  • provide a clean and consistent finish​​​​ which improves course aesthetics and makes for playable and artful bunkers

  • can be directly applied to the golf courses daily without further processing

  • can be homogeneously blended with peat moss, or other additives, to maintain consistent turf management with sufficient micro nutrients incorporated
  • are high-purity products, classified as silica sand with 3% or less of total silt and clay contents and contains less than 6% of coarse sand particles (18 mesh) to prevent costly mower maintenance

  • are double washed and screened

  • can be custom blended to meet exacting specifications​ and color requirements

In Hawaii our Silica Sand is branded "Hawaiian Sandman" and is exclusively distributed through Hawaiian Cement.


In Hawaii contact Hawaiian Cement.

Truck and Barge delivery available across Vietnam.

In Vietnam and elsewhere contact AGI.

​AGI's Construction Sand — ASTM C33

This AGI Silica Sand meets ASTM C-33  specifications. 



  • concrete

  • asphalt

  • base material

  • general fill

  • backfill

  • drainage

  • erosion control​

Washed and double washed.

Truck and Barge delivery available across Vietnam.

In Vietnam and elsewhere contact AGI.

Construction sand small pile shutterstock_225508843.jpeg
Fly Ash Hawaiian Cement.png
AGI's Premium Coal Ash — Class F
The Next Generation in Concrete

Green concrete is a form of eco-friendly concrete manufactured with products like Coal Ash which reduces carbon foot print during the concrete ready mix process. 


When used in concrete mixes, Coal Ash:

  • improves the strength and durability

  • improves the segregation of the concrete and makes it easier to pump = improved "workability"

  • is more resistant to corrosion and premature deterioration

  • for each pound of fly-ash used, one pound of carbon dioxide emissions will be saved​

In Hawaii our Coal Ash is exclusively distributed through Hawaiian Cement. 


In Hawaii contact Hawaiian Cement.

Or, email Darren Orr here.

Elsewhere contact AGI.

AGI Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag – Grade 100

Slag cement is a hydraulic cement formed when granulated blast furnace slag (GGBFS) is ground to suitable fineness and is used to replace a portion of portland cement. It is a recovered industrial by-product of an iron blast furnace. 

The benefits of using slag in cement include:

  • Higher long-term compressive and flexural strengths

  • Low permeability, provides good resistance to chloride and sulphate attack which is present in seawater

  • Improved durability and resilience

  • More consistent performance

  • Lighter color

  • Reduces the environmental impact of concrete mixtures by decreasing carbon footprint

Ground and Granulated Slag
​Construction Supplies — Steel Pipes

Galvanized and black steel pipes of various sizes, as requested. 

Contact AGI for more information

Cylindrical steel pipe, Cylindrical metal pipes, they used a loaded, The sun shining metal

Contact AGI for more information

Stacked smooth grey stones. Sea pebble. Balancing pebbles isolated on white background.jpg

A pebble is a clast of rock with a particle size of 4–64 mm (0.16–2.56 inches) and are often rounded. 


We have black polished pebbles in 3/4 inch, 1/2 inch and 2/3 inch. 

Image by John Salzarulo
Bio Mass

We supply wood pellets 23 x 8mm.


Organic matter used as a fuel, especially in a power station for the generation of electricity.  

Contact AGI for more information

Biogas plant for power generation and energy.jpg
plant wood pellets small.jpeg
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