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VicoTek Company is a joint venture between AGI - Aggritek International Inc and its business partner Vicosimex. VicoTek supplies USGA graded Golf Silica Sand in Vietnam.


In Hawaii our Silica Sand is branded "Hawaiian Sandman"by our exclusive distributor Hawaiian Cement.

AGI USGA Graded Golf Sands

— Our USGA guided White and Yellow Silica Sands are on most prestigious Golf Courses in Vietnam and on the Hawaiian Islands

— Our Golf Sands can be found on over 80% of the Golf Courses in Hawaii

— We have been supplying USGA graded Golf Sand and related products to the Hawaiian Golf Industry for over 25 years 

Our White and Yellow Silica Golf Sands are graded to meet USGA Specifications​.  


AGI's White and Yellow Silica Sand applications

  • Golf Course Top Dressing

  • Golf Course Greens mix

  • Golf Course Bunkers

  • Sand Capping

  • Field Restoration

Additional Applications

  • Sports Fields (natural and artificial)

  • Volleyball Courts

  • Riding Stables and Arenas

  • Playgrounds

  • Water Filtration

  • Asphalt Emulsion Sealers

white Golf ball on Green Grass in Golf course . Sport background, Golf sport is Balance of
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AGI White and Yellow Sands:
  • can be applied to the golf courses daily without further processing

  • can be homogeneously blended with peat moss, or other additives, to maintain consistent turf management with sufficient micro nutrients incorporated
  • for bunkers the sands have an initial infiltration rate of 60 inches per hour which assures the sand trap is properly drained and provides superior playability (Penetrometer Reading over 2.3 - results by Tifton Soil Laboratory)
  • are high-purity products, classified as silica sand with 3% or less of total silt and clay contents and, contains less than 4% of coarse sand particles (10 mesh) to prevent mower issues

  • provide a clean and consistent finish​​​​ which improves course aesthetics and makes for playable and artful bunkers

  • can be custom blended to meet exacting specifications​ and color requirements

  • are manufactured in accordance with USGA Greens Construction Guidelines

In Hawaii contact Hawaiian Cement.

Delivery available across Vietnam.

Contact AGI​.


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