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AGI Provides Fine Aggregates and Bulk Construction Supplies

AGI Provides Innovative, Adaptable Sourcing and Delivery Solutions

Combining Bulk and Break Bulk Cargos

AGI - Aggritek International Inc

AGI specializes in sourcing and delivering customized shipments of Silica Sands, Aggregates, Pebbles, Powdered Cementitious Materials, Bulk Construction Supplies and Biomass for the Hawaiian market.

AGI has been supplying Hawaii with fine aggregates and bulk construction materials for over 25 years. 

Direct Bulk Carrier Voyages
Straight from Asia to Hawaii

  1. Cross Pacific Consolidated Bulk Freight Provider

  2. Oversized and Bulky Materials Shipping

  3. Combining Bulk and Break Bulk Cargos using state-of-the-art Geared Modern Bulk Carriers

  4. Bulk Powder Construction Materials using Lined Containers and Super-Sacks

  5. Innovative Pneumatic Discharge Systems

  6. Modern, Innovative and Environmentally Friendly, Safe Delivery Services with Liners and ISO tankers

  7. Flexibility to Accommodate smaller volume orders in addition to larger and bulk orders

  8. Product Sourcing in Asia with proven Logistical Implementations

AGI has the flexibility to supply you with exactly what you need.  One project at a time.

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International Sourcing 

AGI is an established and reliable raw materials supplier of sand and construction bulk supplies

  • Yellow and White Golf Sands can be used as Top Dressing and Bunker Sand; graded to meet USGA Specifications

  • Yellow and White Golf Sands for Sand Capping; graded to meet USGA Specifications

  • Sports Sands

  • Construction Sand - ASTM C-33​ (Naturally Occurring)

  • Premium Coal Ash Class F

  • Bulk Construction Supplies

  • Sch 40 Steel Pipes - Galvanized

  • BioMass Fuel

Loading Ports Near Sources

AGI has secured loading ports near its sources.​

Sand Loading at Port-12.png

Loading AGI's Modern Bulk Carrier, near Source 

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Modern Innovative Bulk Carriers

AGI uses modern and innovative ships.  AGI combines Bulk and Break-Bulk cargos using state-of-the-art Box Type Single Deck Bulk Carriers.  

Innovative, Adaptable, Environmentally Friendly Delivery Services using Liners and ISO Tanks

AGI supplies Powdery Construction Materials in Bulk.  AGI provides modern, efficient, environmentally friendly delivery services using Super Sacks, Lined Containers and ISO tankers.  Loading Coal Ash directly from Super-sacks to ISO Tanks, discharging Coal Ash from Lined Containers directly to Silos.  Or, transferring from Lined Containers directly to ISO tankers, for local deliveries.


Direct transfer "Liner" from a lined container to an ISO tank, in Hawaii

How We Do It

AGI and Partners at Work

Some Final Results

Golf Courses with AGI Sand

AGI's USGA graded sand are found on some of the best-ranking golf courses around the world in fact, it can be found on over 80% of all the Golf Courses in Hawaii

Our Clients and Partners

We believe each Client is a long term Partner

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