Aggritek International Inc (“AGI”) is a Nevada, USA Corporation. AGI takes a “Real time” position in managing the transportation of processed minerals from the mine site/production plant right through to the customer-designated delivery points. These shipments are moved through foreign/domestic terminal s, loaded onto special chartered bulk carriers, and other key links on the chain of final delivery which AGI either operates or controls. These movements are coordinated through our international offices, affiliates and agents, all of whom are committed to provide the highest standard in services under our company’s umbrella.

We are an innovator in the market of international bulk commodities, and in this capacity, AGI has a market of processed minerals for many Pacific Rim manufacturers. AGI is known for its reliable performance – oriented organization that routinely handles significant volume of dry bulk products in the international and domestic market.

AGI distributes and markets Processed Mineral, Cement Related Minerals, Galvanized Steel products, Fertilizers, Landscaping Materials (Pebbles, Color Aggregates & Stone Sculptures), Specialty Minerals and Specilty Handling Equipments.

We have established a network of Mineral processing plants and bulk handling/storage facilities in China and the United States that enables us to serve the entire North America and North Eastern Asia markets.

The Province of Da Nang, Vietnam is a major source of raw materials to the Eastern Asia Industries. It’s one of the largest commercial Mineral Processing centers of the region. AGI has established a highly efficient ocean transfer terminal at Port of Da Nangi. Building on this transfer logistical relation to the World Trade market, AGI made its first transaction in China in 1992. We have since become a market leader in the supply of bulk commodities through the innovation of logistics and utilization of international bulk freight consolidation implementations.

AGI has offices and affiliates in Seattle, Hawaii, Vietnam and China; with the ability to source, transfer, and distribute processed minerals throughout the Pacific Rim.

Our company is equipped to provide competitive prices, quality materials, and reliable delivery to the industrial communities. AGI is committed to professionally providing your raw material and mineral needs.


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  Super Sacks + Bulk Sand  
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  Discharge at 300T/hr  
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